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The Mississippi Squirl Revival

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

live at the BBC
17 August
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I'm Kaylin!
and i'm crazy!

My Fish was small my fish was gold but now my fish is still and cold. My fish now more will splash and splish, my fish is gone i flush my fish! :(

Things that make me happy:
down comforters
long walks with someone you care about
ellen laughs
glass coca cola bottles
teeny's hugs
the beatles
cuddle puddles
acoustic guitars, airplanes, animal behavior, ann, ann hugs, art, baloons, baseball, beatles, ben harper, birthdays, blue eyes, bob marley, bonfires, cafes, cameras, canada, canadians, candles, cell phones, chai tea, cheese nips, chic flicks, christine's coffee, christines pink ugg boots, color ink cartridges, conan o'brien, cordless phones, credence clearwater revival, cuddle puddles, daisys, daytime talk shows, disney, dogs, down comforters, dry cocoa powder, duck tape, eeyore, electricity, euros, fat dictonaries, felt, fire, flip-flops, flowy dresses, food, freckles, fuzzy coloring things, glossy photographs, glue, gold, gonzo, gum, guys named bob, gypsys, hair, hair tyes, hats, hippies, hugs, ice skating, ink pens, insence, jack black, jack johnson, jazz, jesus, jewlrey, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, joni mitchell, knitting, lillys, lip rings, live plays, long hair, lotion, man hugs, money, monty python, mosqueto nets, msn messenger, naps, nature walks, palm springs, pearls, pins, poco, poetry, political arguments, ponchos, post-its, pre-paid phone cards, raindrops on roses, raspberrys, recycling, robin williams, romantic movies, rosie the riveter, rubber bands, rubber boots, sarcasm, scary movies, screw drivers, simon and garfunkel, sleeping, snow, snowmen, starbucks, steve miller band, sunshine, supertramp, swing music, tea, teeny, the 1960's and 70's, the beach boys, the beatles, the color pink, the doors, the ocean, the smell of gas, three way calling, tigers, toe nail polish, trees, vinyl records, walks, water, white out, wierd al, wild flowers, wiskers on kittens, yarn