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Kaylin loves Ann


Posted on 2007.09.18 at 13:08
do any of you do this anymore...? its been 27 weeks since i've been on.

Kaylin loves Ann
Posted on 2007.03.10 at 00:20
so i think i just wanna run away. like i can't really take this house anymore. and i don't really want to. i'm tired of being told that the person who i am isn't good enough or that i'm bad because i think differently than they do. i'm tired of being told where i can and cannot go to school next year. its my future not theres and they shouldn't be able to control that part of my life.

Kaylin loves Ann
Posted on 2007.03.03 at 00:38
Current Mood: upset
i hate men. i hate what men do to women. i hate that men treat women like shit. i hate that i'm a woman in this situation. i hate that i'm being treated like shit. i hate that i let men effect me so. i hate that when they effect me i eat lots of ghirardelli chocolates.i hate that then i feel guilty for eating lots of ghirardelli chocolates. i hate that now i feel sick for eating all those ghirardelli chocolates. i hate men.

Kaylin loves Ann


Posted on 2007.01.31 at 23:32
woah man, i totally forgot i had a livejournal... to behonest i kinda got caught up in the myspace and facebook thing.
but i figured i have this,why not use it....
i wish i could really write down what was on my mind, but i cant. gah, its killing me. but oh well, c'est pas grave... so my step brother is sitting next to me sniffling and snorting up his snot and its grossing me out! gah, theres major substance to it too, its nasty... anyways i'm going to bed...

Kaylin loves Ann

F is for friends who do stuff together!

Posted on 2006.10.09 at 21:27
i just want to let all my friends know that i really appreciate your friendship... even though sometimes i go into depression mode and don't hang out with you as much as i used to.. i still couldn't love you more! Annika, i know you won't read this but thank you, thank you, thank you! you say the right things even though i don't always want to hear it! you know what i need, and i thank you! Ann, thank you for always being cute and cheering me up when i'm sad...it means a lot.. Ellen, thank you for being my buddy i can watch gilmore girls with now, and watching sad movies with me! i love you! Christiney, honey you are my shining star! your my hott love too and without you... well i couldn't love or well... exist! yay for you! Sydney, your great! i love that we can help each other and all that... you've gotten me through so much! your amazing! Emily, i love skipping class with you! its so much fun, it takes all the weight off my day and makes me laugh! your good at making me laugh. Paloma! i love you! you are so comforting when i'm having a bad day... your just so cute! i love you! FRIENDS i love you all! thank you for being there for me...

Kaylin loves Ann

i am woman hear me roar!

Posted on 2006.10.08 at 09:22
i'm happy! i don't miss kyle anymore.. i mean it still sucks that we aren't friends, but people keep saying give it time.. so i'm gonna... at least now i can look at boys again... for a long while i didn't want to because i was too sad... but fuck kyle.. he isn't the only boy.. there are plenty better!

Kaylin loves Ann
Posted on 2006.10.02 at 22:04
i'm home, now i have to face reality! i went to kyle's today. to pick up somethings. it was weird. it was really weird. i did't know what to say. i jut took my stuff and left

Kaylin loves Ann

San Diego

Posted on 2006.09.29 at 13:12
so i'm in san diego right now at the coolest hostel EVER! its so cute and amazing, and the people here are so nice! i love it, well i only have about two minutes left and then i have to get off so see ya!

Kaylin loves Ann

Kyle= Dick

Posted on 2006.09.27 at 11:30
yeah, so i basically hate kyle now. he hurt me beyond the point of no return. he's just a giant bastard without a heart. he doesn't want to me my friend, or have anything to do with me. he doesn't want any memory of me. i obviously meant nothing to him... i love him but i hate him. i hate him for lying to me. telling me i was his best friend. i'm mad at him for pretending like he cared. he didn't... if he did he wouldn't be acting the way that he's acting.. it just makes me feel worthless, stupid, not good enough, like dirt, no matter how much my friends say that i'm not or that i'm wrong, i wont' beleive them... kyle was right. god dammit, why do i love him?

Kaylin loves Ann
Posted on 2006.09.16 at 10:23
so i've been kinda sad latley... i was really sad for a while and then i figured my friends were tired of seeing me mope around and be dumb. but the sadness hasn't gone away... i just hate being alone. i hate that he's dumb and stupid. i wish that we could one or the other... not both. i don't know... i'm just confused and hurt all the time and i don't know how to fix it!! i need a rebound boy!!
thats what i need. a boy that i can just use for a little to get over kyle.

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